1. Are you licensed and insured?

  • We are licensed by the State of Texas. Insured and bonded by Specialty Ins Co.

2. As a P.I., what is your knowledge or past experience with my exact kind of problem?

  • Every Person or entities problem is unique due to the situation at hand. We have a team of investigators that specialize in different sectors of Surveillance and TSCM. If I personally do not have the experience on your matter, we have investigators that have knowledge and experience in your problem. 

3. What kind of equipment will you be using, and how do you plan to use it to successfully fulfill my requirements?

  • The equipment utilized will be hand-picked by our skilled investigator with the assistance of our product specialist from our partner company Spy Emporium to successfully fulfill your requirements for your situation.

4. What are my options for communications regarding my case?

  • Available communication options include: phone calls, text messaging, email, postal mail, in-person, and update appointments. We work with our clients, so whatever method works best for you works for us.

5. Can I get a copy of your state license and insurance?

  • Per client request, we will issue any information needed to validate the credibility of our firm and services.

6. Can I get an upfront bid for the services I want?

  • Most of our services are custom based and differ from case to case. Yes, we can issue an upfront bid, but on other instances we would need to huddle amongst our investigators who would assist in your case on attaining the best solution and cost for your matter.

7. Can you work outside of Texas?

  • We work and operate worldwide. However, if required by your state, to operate with a state license of that state where the case resides, then we would need to be state licensed in order to operate.

8. How do you deliver your reports, what do they look like?

  • We deliver are reports upon the close of all cases. We would be happy to issue upon request, our report examples.

9. Are you available 24-7?

  • We are available 24/7 but if we are on a case or otherwise unavailable, please leave a message, we will return all calls and inquires within a timely manner.

10. Can you give me a list of your referrals?

  • We can issue a list of referrals by request. All referrals are authorized by the client.

11. Do you have a money-back guarantee?  Do you have any type of warranty?

  • We warranty that if we cannot handle a case, we ethical will not take it. If for any reason, we come to the conclusion, it can't be done, we will issue all funds back. We stand by our work and what we can offer and services. 

12. Do you belong to any professional organizations?

  • We are a proud member of TALI.

13. Have you ever had an international case?

  • Our experience on international cases are minimal. However, we do not limit or hinder ourselves from learning and growing in situations taut arise. As of the moment, we are working with the Nigerian government on national security and political fraud.

14. How much do you charge? – What’s the minimum, what does that include

  • For surveillance, we charge $100-$150 per hour with a 0.69 per mile charge. Four hour minimum required per investigator. We normally ask for a minimum $1200 retainer up front to initiate any case. On other services, please ask our lead investigator for pricing.

15. What’s the longest you’ve worked on a case? What was the cost of your biggest case?

  • Four months of surveillance on a domestic case which totaled $11,000.